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designed to do to obama what obama did to romney backfired. remember aidle son, las vegas billionaire? said he's give up to $100 million to help romney defeat the socialist obama? why did he have to give so much money? because he gave so much to gingrich in the primaries to defeat vulture capitalist romney, the half-hour bain attack ad was produced and distributed by romney sugar daddy sheldon aidle son. it wasn't murder. it was auto erotica asphyxiation. the highlight of fox's total melted down for me-- and there were a lot of highlights. i'm a bit of a connoisseur-- was to see where they ultimately landed. the place they could go to in their own minds to rationalize the utter destruction of bull ( bleep ) mountain. >> it was almost four years of division and class warfare. we need to hope and pray that the president understands now that, that policy is divisive, and that policy is destructive to the future of the united states. >> let's hope a lesson has been learned, and he surprises with us some moderation. >> hope is important. >> jon: yes, let this are sounding victory we barack obam
. >> mr. romney, sheldon aidle son on line three. apparently he wants a refund. his wife is the top female super pac donor of all time. >> stephanie: reallile? >> when you spend a money in a sheldon aidle son casino, you know right where it's going. >> caller: i just wanted to comment on the comment about reacting to the races. >> stephanie: am i on speaker phone by chance, sheryl? >> caller: i just wanted to say that the kids today really are the future, because my 10-year-old is, she's completely post racial. she identifies with president obama, because both of her ears stick out. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: big eared people of the world unite. >> with big john walton. >> stephanie: hi, keith. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i'm a college student, just turned 18 so i got to vote this year. >> congratulations. >> caller: i'm so happy. congratulations, voted for president obama but my comment was what do you guys think about the political genius known as donald trump tweeting all the hate he was putting out there about obama. >> stephanie: his melt
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)